Sunday, July 13, 2014

A MidSummer Night's Dream from the Shop of Modestly

This excerpt of "MidSummer Night's Dream" was taken from one of Anne Corr's of Modestly books, with its beautifully hand illustrated Book of Shakesperian Quotes and Illustrations.  I just happened to come across this quote from her Coptic-Stitched book which is featured in our current Promotion (note item #41).   The Illustration of Tulips above is just one of the many Medival drawings in Anne's very interesting and well-researched books.

Shakespeare is a man who transformed drama in his time, and influenced not only poetry, but the whole English language. Beside that huge achievement, he changed the way we view ourselves, he preempted the idea of the individual and had an uncanny ability to understand the workings of mens' minds. This is what makes his dramas so popular and so loved. 

As one who has always had a love of Shakespeare since my first year of HS, and his works are the only books I have kept sacred since them, it is always a pleasure when I see Anne's beautiful artistic contributions to a time when life's passions and events of that time were portrayed in a series of plays.

The world has paid tribute to his talent and to his contribution and this is the 450th year anniversary of his birth.

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