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One of my favorite songs by Bruce Springsteen is “Jersey Girl”; so it is only fitting that one of my favorite artists is also a “Jersey Girl”, Carol Feddeler Bruno.  Known to most of us as “Yankee” (a name taken from her favorite Team, the NY Yankees!).   I first came to know Carol on Etsy through the Bbest Team, https://www.etsy.com/shop/yankeegirlart.

Red Poppies Watercolor

Growing up along the Jersey Shore, Carol is surrounded by the beauty of nature, which is evident in her beautiful Watercolors of the Shore and its miles of beautiful beaches, Wildflowers, and Nature. In her own words, “I love how becoming an artist has made me look at my surroundings in a whole new way. I have always loved the outdoors but now I see details that I never noticed before.”

Ocean Waves,Watercolor     

Her beautiful Watercolors are evident in her “lifelike” paintings of Flowers; first becoming famous among us through her beautiful Hydrangea paintings.  The artist in Carol has grown immensely since I first met her, and became familiar with her work.  As shown in some of her Watercolors I have showcased, her attention to detail makes one wonder if it is a painting or one of beautiful photographs taken of the world around her.

Floating Daisies Photograph

As I just mentioned, Carol is also a very talented photographer, as evident in her photos featured in her Shop.  One of which currently hangs on my own wall, “Floating Daisies” a contrast in black and white, with the White Daisy’s floating against a black background. Another photo (shown here) is the Shoreline of Sandy Hook.  The name may sound familiar, as it was only about 13 months ago that Sandy Hook, was just one of the “shoreline towns” devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  As I mentioned earlier, Carol’s beautiful “anticipated” Hydrangea Watercolors; so too she has captured the beauty of this flower, in her photo of “Purple Hydrangea’s”.

Summer Hydrangeas Watercolor                                                     Purple Hydrangea Photo

Photograph. SandyHook


Carol has also expanded her work by opening a Shop on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yankeegirl-Art/162102136904 .  It is wonderful to watch the progression of her work on Facebook, as she posts a photo of her beginning sketch of her next painting.  I am intrigued watching as each stroke of color is added to the sketch, which she keeps us updated on.  We don’t have to wait long for the finished Watercolor as it is completed and ready to sell within a few days.

Watercolor Pencil Sketch                                                           Finished Watercolor.Lily

Carol’s talent has not only expanded from Etsy to Facebook, but is also sold on such sites as TheCraftStar.com, and FineArtAmerica.com.  Her series of “Girlfriends” paintings are now world famous.  What began as “fun, colorful friendship inspired watercolors” has now become a cultural phenomenon.  Her painting of “Girlfriends Running a Marathon”, was featured in Women’s Running Magazine in their Holiday Gift Guide.  Her “Girlfriends” designs were also picked up by Sur La Table, on a series of mugs. Some can be found hanging in local Jersey Bars; as well as the many custom requests Carol receives from buyers for “personalized” Girlfriend paintings.

Girlfriends Bridal Party painting                                                      Girlfriends running Marathon

One cannot mention Carol and her work without mentioning her famous Golden Retriever, Madison, found in some of Photographs and Watercolors.  On Facebook we are treated daily to the adventures of her newest addition to her family, her little kitten,sleeping among her work!


Photograph.GoldenRetriever                                                                                                                               Kitty

As much as we all love Carol’s beautiful Artwork and Photographs, and infamous “The Girlfriend” Series; life is not always filled with the love of flowers and nature.  I wish to send special prayers to Carol who just last week had a memorial for the loss of her mother; as well as just losing her sister-in-law. As I started writing this article, Carol asked for our prayers for her mother-in-law, who may pass any day.  Your friends are always here for you Carol!

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