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 Nature Poet invites its customers into “Mary’s Old and New Shop”.  Stepping into Mary’s Shop,http://www.etsy/shop/NaturePoet, is like going back in time as you view all the beautiful Antique items and Vintage Digital Art Images, Cards, and Gift Tags.

Victorian Fairies Digital Print
It is not by accident that Mary has such a love of Antiques.  About 30 years ago, Mary began working for an auction house.  There she was able to buy and sell Vintage items for the retail division of the company.  It was at this time that her knowledge of all things Antique and Vintage grew in leaps and bounds. 

Vintage Shaving Mug
VintageRose BoneChina Tea Cup & Saucer
Since that time Mary loves to spend her spare time browsing and shopping through antique shops, estate auctions, flea markets, and thrift shops.  She not only sells many of these items, but as she describes herself, “I am an avid collector and a little bit of a pack rat”.

Vintage Digital Collage

Vintage Ladies Gift Cards
Growing up on a rural farm in Ontario, Mary lives next door to her grandparents.  Very possibly the Farm Print (shown below) could be very similary to that which she grew up on.  Also the Antique Book of the “History of Ontario”, might give some insight into what Mary’s life was like growing up in Ontario.  Although they had no electricity, their house was abundant with many antique and vintage items, many of which Mary admired while growing up.  This was the start of her interest of items from another era.

          Vintage Farm Digital Print                                                      Antique Book:History of Ontario
Being in such a rural area where one learns to live off the land, Mary learned how to churn butter, doing laundry on a washboard, carrying water to heat on the copper boiler, and ironing with a flatiron.  It wasn’t all work on the Farm during this time, as both her mother and grandmother were sewers, where Mary began sewing using her grandmother’s treadle sewing machine.
Digital Print.Christmas Girl

Age of Innocence
 Mary’s other hobbies include needlepoint, ceramics, and paper crafting, all of which she learned from her mother.  Possibly this love Print of a “Victorian Bride” could have been her grandmother!
Victorian Bride
According to Mary, she loves when people admire her craft work, and her collection of Antiques and Vintage items.  I am sure many of which were passed down from her grandmother’s farm.  In the words of Mary, “Making people smile is my goal in life:.  Every time I browse through the Shop of Nature Poet, with its many beautiful Antique and Vintage Digital prints, I not only smile, but can’t wait to add to my collection of the many prints I have purchased from Mary’s Shop.  In fact a few years ago, as an avid lover of her Shop and her work, I was fortunate to win five free prints (any of my choice) from her Shop.  I am very happy to have Mary as one of our Team Member’s!

Lady in Summer.Digital Print

                                                                   Vintage Woman at Christmas w Holly

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