Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fabrics of Nature

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FabricsofNature,,  is the creation of Nisa Kiley.  What caught my eye when Nisa joined our Team was the abundance of color brought forth in each of her beautiful fabric works of art.  On perfect example of the vibrant colors in Nisa’s work and her use of many variants in her work is “Fields of Nature Red Poppies”.   The Poppy centers are a mixture of lace, beads and tiny scraps of fabrics which gives the work a three-dimensional effect; an effect which Nisa follows through in all of her beautiful, creative paintings.

“Scarlet Fields” Red Poppies Wall Hanging

Combining various works of texture, showcases Nisa’s passion for painting with fabrics such as velvets, satins, organzas, silks and lace, often adding beading to embellish some of her pieces.  A Shop of original, Embroidered, Encaustic, and Artistic Textile Wall Hangings.

Original Encaustic Painting . Butterflies.

As the name implies, according to its artist, “Fabrics of  Nature”  “credits Mother Nature as the inspiration behind my work, the threads that weave and hold together all that we see and experience”; “the fabric of the whole that we cannot truly perceive only sense”.
As a textile artist, Nisa’s canvas is ever changing as the colors of Nature change around her.  What we admire as Nature’s beauty, Nisa sees as an array of colors, textures, and shapes.  As each season changes from Spring’s “soft and subtle” colors, to Autumn’s “loud and garish” colors of reds, oranges, browns, yellows provides a canvas which   reveals Autumn in all its glorious colours.

Autumn’s Cloak

One of my favorites, which recalls a child’s memory of Spring;  Dandelions, is a great example of Nisa’s use of various textures and fabrics, with feathers, lace, combined with felt and silks and beading to create the effect of the Dandelions blowing around as Nature intended. 

“Dandelions” Textile Wall Hanging
So too, the “dark and enticing” colors of  Nisa’s original Painting “Setting Sun”,  which portrays a  setting sun over the sea as these scene inspired by Newgale in Wales.  If you look closely you will see glittering beads within the crevices of the rocks, and gold seed beads around the Sun; another Landscape for her beautiful works of art

Approaching Twilight
All evident in the works I have chosen, portray Nisa’s  “nature inspired” creations. I should also mention that many of her works can be used as Wall Hanging in which she uses Driftwood as a tool for hanging her works.

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