Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves near Bear Mt along the Hudson
 (photo by pjkbaker)

Like a child, I kick up the fallen Autumn leaves that quietly crackled beneath my feet.  The Summer sun is declining, and a crisp freshness fills the air.  I look all around at Nature’s Beauty, Crimson’s, Gold’s, Orange and Brown colors seem to surround me as the trees changing colors take on an artist’s palette of Fall.  There is no season so radiant in its abundance of colors, as early Autumn.

The memories of my grandfather taking my sister and I apple picking are still so vivid in my mind.  The smells of fresh apples, hot donuts and cider fill the air. A tradition I followed through with my own children.  Going to the Apple Orchards, picking our own apples, then with the Autumn chill upon us, we sip hot cider, and eat the freshly baked hot apple donuts before continuing along our Autumn drive.

Fall’s beauty is like no other than that along the Hudson River in New York.  An example of this feast to our eye’s, is the picture above which I took near Bear Mt along the Hudson.  A perfect day as Fall’s colors of Nature paint an image of light as the Crimson, Gold and Orange Trees reflect into the lake, like an imagine on glass.

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