Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TREASURY: Thank You Friends

TREASURY: Thank You Friends
Linda Diana Hundsdorfer

Linda, a native of Florida, has now settled a long way from home in Bavaria, Germany. 
A mother of two adorable little girls, Sarah, age 10, and Laura, age 11; and whose husband
is a native of Germany.  Her reason for making Germany her current home is to help her
handicapped daughter, Laura, who was born with Cerebral Palsy.  Unfortunately the
treatment and surgeries that Laura needs is much too expensive in the US.
 Vintage Ivory Rose
I recently wrote an article on my blog about Laura, who not letting her disability hold
her down, recently opened her own shop here on Etsy.  She is an inspiration to all who
 allow their disabilities to hold them down.  The blog I wrote is:

                                                     Murano Glass Perfume Bottle
Linda has been able to find a release from her stressful day of being a mother with
 a handicapped daughter, has found a home here on Etsy:  In her words,  “I found a
 place where i can show my treasures and I hope that I can make a little extra money .
 It makes me happy to do my jewelry and beadcrafts”.  Linda transfers all her negativity
 and energy into “Tachyon-Energym, a Holistic healing which merges science and
spirituality in our sharing of healing energy.  Have fun looking at my Treasures:-)

Vintage Lampwork Earrings
 *I was proud to find this little notation at the end of Laura’s profile!
Thank you Magdalene, for what you did for Laura

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