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Golden Threads Weekly Challenge

Golden Threads Team
Donna @

Golden Threads Weekly Challenge

Make Your Christmas Sparkle
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Golden Threads Weekly Treasury

Live With Joy

Golden Threads Treasury Challenge

Colours of the Leaves
Diane @


This Week "Golden Threads" Challenge

This week my Necklace "Autumn Leaves" is the featured item in this weeks "Golden Threads" Treasury Challenge!  These are a few of the beautiful Treasury's in this Challenge:

Love is Like a Butterfly - Soft & Gentle
Tricia Martinez @

Friday, November 16, 2012

Under a Grey Sky

Soft and Lovely

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pansy's During the Storm

Thank You Golden Threads Team

Pansy: Winter's Flower 

Golden Threads Team Challenge


A Christmas to Love

Santa Baby Slip A Sable Under The Tree For Me -

Christmas Gifts




New from Golden Threads
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 A Special Thank you!
Golden Gift Ideas
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Golden Threads Team

As a member of one of Etsy’s newest teams, “Golden Threads Team” I have met so many talented artists, a few of which I have been a member with on other Etsy Teams.
Our co-captains MissE:, whose  shop is a beautiful collection of Liberty of London Classic Print Fabrics.

Her Co=Captain is Myfawny Hart (known to us as Sassy) Sassy’s shop is a beautiful collection of her hand-dyed threads, fibres and fabrics. Her other shop is Both of these artists have worked together to compile a group of very talented artists.   



Monday, October 22, 2012

"Fabulous Finds Under $20

"When I am Old..."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tricia Martinez

Friday, July 20, 2012

Treasury: Aubergine Dream

Treasury:  Aubergine Dream
by:  Lisa 


Stop by and visit Lisa's Shop filled with many Retro items from the 60's.
 Remember all those "Flower Power" pins and rings we all had to have. 
Lisa has transformed them into great Magnets which you can use on your
 refrigerator door! There are also some Retro purses, dishes, glasses.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TREASURY: Thank You Friends

TREASURY: Thank You Friends
Linda Diana Hundsdorfer

Linda, a native of Florida, has now settled a long way from home in Bavaria, Germany. 
A mother of two adorable little girls, Sarah, age 10, and Laura, age 11; and whose husband
is a native of Germany.  Her reason for making Germany her current home is to help her
handicapped daughter, Laura, who was born with Cerebral Palsy.  Unfortunately the
treatment and surgeries that Laura needs is much too expensive in the US.
 Vintage Ivory Rose
I recently wrote an article on my blog about Laura, who not letting her disability hold
her down, recently opened her own shop here on Etsy.  She is an inspiration to all who
 allow their disabilities to hold them down.  The blog I wrote is:

                                                     Murano Glass Perfume Bottle
Linda has been able to find a release from her stressful day of being a mother with
 a handicapped daughter, has found a home here on Etsy:  In her words,  “I found a
 place where i can show my treasures and I hope that I can make a little extra money .
 It makes me happy to do my jewelry and beadcrafts”.  Linda transfers all her negativity
 and energy into “Tachyon-Energym, a Holistic healing which merges science and
spirituality in our sharing of healing energy.  Have fun looking at my Treasures:-)

Vintage Lampwork Earrings
 *I was proud to find this little notation at the end of Laura’s profile!
Thank you Magdalene, for what you did for Laura

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Treasury: Celebrating Summer with the Bbest

Treasury: Celebrating Summer with the Bbest
by  Dean Ryan

Treasury: Seeing Red

Treasury:  I'mSeeing Red
by Pam Todd

Sunday, June 3, 2012

An Inspiration

A True Inspiration

Laura’s Dream Horse
Laura Hundsdorfer

It is not often that I find a shop that truly inspires me. After you read this blog about Laura, and her new shop just opened yesterday,, I know you will be inspired by Laura and her talent. Laura-Alexandra was born in Germany in 2001 (yes 2001) which means she is just 11 yrs. old. As she says in her profile, she has wanted to open a shop for the past 2 years, and finally convinced her mother to help her set up a shop here on Etsy. Her passion is drawing, painting and beadwork.

  Amazingly though, Laura was born with several handicaps; and has Cerebral Palsy on the right side of her body. For someone who was right-handed, this might have been a difficulty for most; but not for Laura, she, after much trying, found that she can follow her dreams using her left hand. So all of her beautiful horse paintings have been painted using her left hand. Laura has also had numerous surgeries, and suffers from other disabilities. According to Laura, “it makes me feel good that there is something in my life i can do really good. That makes me forget that I am a little different from other kids around me:-).”

Besides her love of horses, Laura also takes part in a special therapy for kids with disabilities called “Hippotherapie”; a form of physical, occupational and speech therapy in which a therapist uses the characteristic movements of a horse to provide carefully graded motor and sensory input. A beautiful quote from Laura, “As long as Humans think that animals don’t have feelings, animals feel that humans dont think!” This is a little girl who is wise beyond her years in her thoughts and talents. I know you find her story as inspiring as I did and stop by and support her shop.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Treasury:  Spring and Summer Colors
Klaire "MysticSilks"

Klaire’s shop is comprised of beautiful OOAK hand designed
painted Silk Scarfs, Silk Paintings, and beautiful art Paintings. Klaire describes her work as
 “Artwork that cannot be duplicated.” Each Silk creation is a labor of love and dedication,
which shows as each items take on a life of their own.

Beginning her art as a form of relaxation, Klaire’s work not only graces Etsy, but has been
exhibited at juried and invitational Art shows. These are just a few of the beautiful items
from Klaire’s shop; visit her Etsy shop to see more of her artistic talent.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bbest Team Treasury: Spring Fever

Bbest Team Treasury:  Spring Fever

Welcome to Dena’s shop: Here you will find Vintage & Victorian buttons, sewing supplies, handcrafted button jewelry and accessories, handcrafted cards and tags, and vintage jewelry. I especially loved these two buttons: first, a beautiful carved Topaz colored Floral Button; and a Victorian Cupid Brass Button, which has been in Dena's collection for over 50 years
Dena has enjoyed collecting vintage buttons for 50 years. My grandma was a seamstress and got me started collecting buttons when I was a little girl. I too have a collection of my grandmother’s buttons which always fascinated me – which drew me to this shop. Dena and her husband are now retired and are enjoying their life nestled in the foothills of the beautiful mountains in eastern Tennessee.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Etsy Bloggers Team Treasury: Flowers & Florals

Etsy Bloggers Team Treasury:

Flowers & Florals

Billi RS Rothove of http://BillisPaperBatiks

BillisPaperBatiks is a Treasure Trove of Billis many talents; ranging from Batiks, Mixed Media Collages, and Polymer Clay Jewelry. Two items from her shop that caught my attention were this Brooch, made with Polymer Clay supported by two Vintage earrings.

I also admired "Lace Garden" which is a collaboration of Billi's Mixed Media Artistic Talents!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Colors of Spring

This Spring Treasury features items from both of my shops: MagdaleneJewels and MagdaleneKnits!
Laurie's shop can be found here on Etsy. Here are two items from her shop which I particularly liked! I love her "Retro" Black Cherry Gingham Apron, which reminds me so much of the aprons always worn in the kitchen when I was growing up.
I also love this large Handmade Hobo Purse with Green Poppies. A perfect bag to fit everything one needs to carry to go shopping or for school, etc. Enjoy her many gifts from her shop!

March Favorites 2012

by Judy Nolan

Using the words of Carl Sandberg, “Nothing happens unless first we dream”, Judy enhances his words with her own “Dreams are also realized when we ask ‘What if…?’ and ‘Why not…?’” These two thoughts are the basis of Judy’s OOAK creations in her shop,

When I envision one of Judy’s creations, the first thing that comes to mind are her unique and colorful “Felted Needle Books.” I purchased one a few years ago, and can never go anywhere without it when working on a project! Also one cannot miss her colorful felted bowls with their flower appliques.
Judy’s talent is also showcased in her crocheted scarfs, hats, and wide headbands, all of which come in various colors. I especially love her “Ruffled Scarflettes” with their flower appliques. Not only perfect for those cold winter days, but a fashion statement of their own. My favorite is the “Raspberry Ruffled Scarflette” (shown above) which also comes in a variety of other colors.

It is no wonder that Judy’s work looks so professional, as she has won various awards in the Fabric & Threads Division at the Iowa State Fair, which she now shares with her many followers.

by Pamela Todd

When I first started on Etsy, one of the first teams I joined was the Bbest Team. Pamela (great name :)) Todd and her shop http://bagsandmorebypam, was one of the first teams I became acquainted with. Her beautiful crocheted items were what attracted me to her shop.

As Pam says “Crocheting is such a passion! It is a thrill when others appreciate your work as well.” All of which is quite evident in her many feminine, crocheted, lacey items she creates. Besides having her shop here on Etsy, Pam also participates in many local Craft Fairs, as well as having her own website, and Icraft store.

My favorites are her beautiful Lacey Scarflettes (my favorite is her Queen Anne Lace Scarflette) and wide, warm Headbands, as well as this very classy Black Sweater, a few of which I have showcased in this article. Of course what would “bagsbypam” be without featuring one of her many hand-crocheted bags. Pam also has some very cute Baby items listed in her shop, as well as some very unique fashions for the dog in your life!

When not crocheting, Pam’s main passion is her family; saying, “my main delight is being a wife, mother of two daughters and one son, mother-in-law to two, and grandmother to two girls and one boy.”