Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogger of the Month: BeadedTail

I can definitely say that one of my favorite blogs here on Etsy is BeadTail’s: We are continually treated to the many adventures of Sharla’s pets, her dog, Sadie, and two cats, Angel and Isabella. One day you can take a walk with Sadie, or just lounge around with Angel and Isabella. Their adventures always bring a smile.

I could go on about Sharla’s blogs, but I am here to help honor BeadTail as our Blogger of the Month. While viewing Sharla’s shop,, we are once again reminded of her love of animals. Her one of a kind jewelry consists of adorable cat earrings; Rottweiler earrings (perfect gift that for friend who owns a Rottweiler dog!); beaded and fabric collars (made by her mom); cat beads, butterfly earrings just to name a few. One of my favorites is her beautiful “cat’s eye” beaded bracelets which she features in her shop also. Can’t decide what to choose for that animal lover in your life? how about one of her $15 - $20 Gift Certificates, Sharla also offers.

What is even more special than Sharla’s animal jewelry, and her delightful blogs; is her true love of animals, not just hers, but her dedication to help make us aware of all the abandoned animals that live in shelters waiting to be adopted. A portion of the sales from her shop are contributed by Sharla to the many animal organizations she supports; namely, the ASPCA, Humane Society for the US, Dogs for the Deaf – just to name a few. When you visit her shop, take a moment to read her profile where she lists the numerous organizations she supports through her many sales.

In the words of Sharla, “We're making tails wag one bead at a time!”
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