Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogger of the Month: Handmade By Sandi

Our Blogger this month is Sandi, whose shop:, is mainly filled with her crocheted items, such as hats for both women and men and children; coffee holders; wash cloths; and crocheted chokers. According to Sandi, her love of crocheting was something she learned from her mother many years ago. As you continue to browse through her shop you will some other surprises as well, such as handpainted tote bags, earrings (love her Margaritaville earrings!), oven mitts and aprons.

Sandi comes from Suffolk, Virginia, and has been on Etsy for just a little over a year. A breast cancer survivor, Sandi began to crochet little hats and skull caps to “keep her head warm”, a result of her chemo treatments. Wanting to do something special for others who are suffering from the effects of cancer, once she finished her treatments, Sandi began to crochet hats for other cancer patients. As she says, “What a wonderful feeling to give back for all the help she received!” Besides crocheting, Sandi also loves to sew and her love of different types of earring are also evident in her shop.

Sandi also has a second shop:, also known as “Sandi’s Stash Shop”. Here you will find an array of various fabrics. As one who also sews, I know what it is like to buy extra yards of fabric and then don’t use it. Sandi is making use of her extra fabric by selling it through her stash shop. She also has some blank T-shirts, which you can design yourself.

Happy Birthday Sandi!
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