Monday, February 8, 2010

Carnival Blog: Valentine's Day Wish

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Valentine’s Day has always been something a little special that we celebrated while I was growing up; and naturally, those special memories are the ones I have carried on when my children were growing up. While young, we would always have a special dinner that evening, followed by a Valentine’s cake or cookies that my grandmother would have made. Also it was that little special gift that you knew came from the heart that would be treasured. The one gift that stands out in my memory, and of which I still have, and continue to wear every year on Valentine’s Day, is a small heart with tiny turquoise stones set within the heart. Continuing the tradition, I have always made Valentine’s Day a special day for my children also when they were young, and still do. About the beginning of February, I would start sneaking little candy hearts into their lunch boxes or put them on the dinner table next to each place setting. On Valentine’s Day I would always go to the bakery down the street and purchase these very large heart cookies which my children loved and would look forward to. Of course, I would have to buy about 12 of them, some for my children, my nephews and nieces, and of course make sure there were extra for their friends that might arrive. My children still expect those big heart cookies even today. When they were younger, I would always buy a little gift, usually a stuffed animal with a heart or a special book. The past 10 years, once they got past that stuffed animal stage, the Valentine’s Day gift tradition were boxers with hearts on them for the boys, and of course that little something extra from Victoria Secret for my daughter. Since we have a new member added to our family, little Zachary, I can’t wait to shop for his first little Valentine stuffed animal! Will my children be getting their traditional gifts this year, or is it time that I do something a little different this year?
As I was thinking what to write, one thought kept coming to my mind. Traditions are all very nice, and wonderful to cherish; but I wondered if those poor children in Haiti, or other countries left in devastation this past year have even heard of Valentine’s Day. I can’t help but thinking, here we are all talking about that one special gift, or dinner, or date we may have had; but what do these poor children have to celebrate. Will they be having a special dinner on Valentine’s Day; will they even have a sip of water to drink? As they sit in the street because they have no home and have lost all of their family and have no where to go, will there be someone there to comfort them, give them a hug, or that special Valentine cookie? Will they be admiring that little special gift we so cherished, or will they have a blanket to keep them warm? I was remembering those little boxes of Valentine’s that we (and my children) would buy to fill out for all of our friends. Do you think anyone will be giving them a Valentine’s Day card? I think this year, I should start a new tradition – I am going to try to get as many people I know to buy that box of 20 Valentine’s, signing each one with a little note to let them know they are loved by so many people around the world. I know the Red Cross is trying to get food, water and medical supplies to them, and perhaps we could send them cards through the Red Cross or some other organization that you might be participating with. Also in breaking tradition, the money that would have been spent for those boxers or Victoria Secret surprise, will instead this year be donated to the Red Cross. If you wish to be willing to break tradition and made a contribution to these needy little children whose hearts are empty, you can go to; each State has their own chapter, and there you will find many different areas that you can contribute to. This year my heart will be with those poor, hungry, homeless little faces looking for someone to let them know they are loved.
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