Friday, January 15, 2010

Carnival Blog: My Best Memory of 2009

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Zachary (1/2 hr old)

Kelly (4 hrs. old)

They say one should never look back, but follow whatever waits for us in the future. There often does exist an exception to that rule; milestones that carve into our very hearts and souls that we can never forget, but also allow us to look to what the future will bring.

Kelly,Keith & Ryan (1987)

There exists in my life three very important milestones in my past that made me who I am today; those being the birth of each of my children, Kelly, Keith and Ryan. They are the blessings that God gave me when the doctors told me I would never be able to have children. It is truly them that I have to thank for always being the rock that carried me through the worst times. Often, even as young as they were, when we thought things couldn’t get worse, they always made me smile. Three children with three totally different personalities; each unique in their own way, they were always by my side no matter what bridge we had to cross, helping to make me to the person I am today. So as I look back at the many trial and tribulations of our lives, the Year 2009, brought all of these past milestones full circle, and so began the future of the next generation.
As most of you all know by now, my daughter Kelly, my first child, had her first child in October, making me a grandmother for the first time. It that mother’s intuition that will never fail us (or as I would say my angels watching over me), but coincidentally, right before Kelly made the announcement of her pregnancy, I said to my son Keith, about a week before her announcement, that I thought she was pregnant, which she wasn’t even sure about at that time. So now three months later, little Zachary has joined my daily routine as I watch him every day. For those of you who already have grandchildren, you will truly understand this; when I visited them in the hospital, my first thought was my baby was having a baby. So I can definitely say that little Zachary’s arrival is truly the milestone that makes 2009 a year to remember. Now as we enter into our second decade of the 2000 millennium, I look forward to watching the daily progress as each day brings a new experience watching him grow. Yesterday, although only 3 ½ mos. old, he turned over for the first time. So as I look back at the special gift God brought into our lives in 2009, I can now look forward to watching my family grow as they experience adulthood; but no matter how old they get, they will always be my baby’s.
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