Monday, July 27, 2009

Carnival: Hot Summer Shops

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“Summertime and the livin’ is easy”

Although the “dog days of Summer” are upon us, it was quite difficult to choose one particular shop that had some really HOT summer items. So I decided to honor a few shops that I frequent, always finding such different and interesting items, they did not let me down when it came to finding some beautiful and “HOT” pieces from their shops.

I love Mystic Wynd’s “Pale Pink Crystal Earrings”. As one who loves to wear jewelry all the time, these earrings struck me as something I would love wearing on a very hot day. They look so refreshing; they reminded me of an “ice cold” lemonade.

The next shop that caught my summer fancy was Roseworks Jewelry. Her “Wind Dancer” Necklace would be just perfect while sitting on a patio with friends enjoying a warm summer evening ocean breeze, and sipping my Cosmopolitan. As Ruthie describes her necklace, “the crystal gentle waves”. What could be better than that for a beautiful summer evening?"

The next shop that truly had some HOT summer items, was Beaded Tail’s. Appropriately named “Summer”, these Pink Polymer Clay earrings would be just perfect for any summer or garden party. Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave Sharla’s shop just yet. Her Purple Polymer Clay earrings called “Iris” look like they were just picked fresh from her garden. For those of you who are not familiar with Sharla’s shop, for every item purchased a portion is always donated to benefit our little furry friends who need shelter.

Another favorite that I found to add to my “summer showcase” was this beautiful Pink & Blue Antique Brass Necklace and Earring set from Storybeader’s shop. Deb’s description, which is so perfect “babies and baskets – full of flowers pink and blue”. With turquoise, pink crystals, and glass beads this would truly be a perfect summer gift for any young mother, or mother-to-be.

Ok, so as you can all tell, I do love jewelry; but that didn’t stop me from finding other items in various shops, that would cool anyone on a “HOT” summer day!

One shop that I am very familiar with is YankeeGirl’s Watercolors. Although, Yankee is from New Jersey, she, like myself is a true “Yankee” fan! What else screams of summer but “baseball?” So when Carol is not busy sitting watching the Yankee’s play, she is busy painting her “realistic” watercolor’s. The “Lonely Seagull” flying over the crashing waves of the Ocean is a brilliant mixture of blues, beiges and purples. I would just love to be sitting on the beach right at that moment. Those familiar with Yankee’s work, know of her

many painting of flowers, as this painting of "Sunflowers", which you can envision the beauty of each stroke. Her shop is also filled with her many photograph of flowers.

One way to cool off on a hot summer evening would be to take a nice walk along the beach. Nothing would be more beautiful flowing in the breeze that this “HOT” scarf; which is "Hand-Painted Silk with Lotus Blossoms" by AltheaP.


One last stop on my shopping trip, I just couldn’t forget a little summer something for the little ones. I found the most adorable items in this shop by Knittybittyapparel like this "Little Pink Cap" (sorry, baby doesn’t come with the cap), and the little "Onsie" would be perfect on a “HOT”summer day for your little one.

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