Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Secret Garden

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I have always dreamt of having a sprawling English Garden with fields of wildflowers and fragrant rambling roses climbing the high walls surrounding it. One of my favorite books, and that of my children, has always been “The Secret Garden”. Locked away for so many years, the Garden became a vast mixture of overgrown weeds, ivy and dying roses. Through the healing powers of the minds of two small sickly children, the Garden as well as the children begins to thrive. The love the children give to the Garden is shown in it’s abundance of growth of roses, ivy, trees and beautiful wild flowers. The magical feeling one gets just walking through a beautiful garden with its fragrant smells and colors, is always one of peacefulness and content.

Although I only have a small terrace, but lucky enough to have full sunlight, I am able to grow the most beautiful, fragrant roses, and wildflowers, pansies, and heather all spring and summer long. Last year my roses actually lasted until November. One of the most beautiful color rose we grew, we ones called “Black Cherry” (shown in the photo). So as I sit out there in the quietness of my own little private garden, I can close my eyes and picture myself in my own English Garden with ivy and rambling roses growing up over the roof of my house.

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