Friday, April 3, 2009

Carnival: Going Green

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Well, I think I will have to combine both questions on my blog this month. Actually, green is not exactly one of my favorite colors in case you haven’t noticed when browsing through my shop. Instinctively, when I am buying my crystals, my eyes automatically turn towards colors that are me – pinks, garnet, siam, topaz (my birthstone) and purples. I imagine if we all look at our shops we will find that our colors tend to run towards what we favor. Although, I cannot be prejudiced in my choice of colors, so I admit I do have a few I have green items in my shop.
I think nature is one of God’s greatest gift to us; Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year, with all the tiny green buds starting to burst forward. The snow is gone and the grass is getting greener by the day. Yet with all this beauty nature has given us, how sad that we take so much for granted and completely abuse it. Going back to the1900’s, when factories were cropping up everywhere, who knew at that time that our rivers and lakes would become the dumping ground for the many chemicals that manufacturers’ were using. Unfortunately, it has taken almost 100 years for us to figure out the destruction and devastation that this has caused around the world. Fish are dying at record numbers, cancer abounding in certain areas that were at one time a dumping ground for all sorts of Chemicals. Beaches which were once the pride of our community are now off limits, who ever knew that water was supposed to be blue, looking across the sound (near where I live) the water is a murky green, and, not to forget what all of this chemical dumping and pollution has caused by our own greediness – global warming! What can we do? We are all guilty, and we all need to participate in the cleaning up of our world.
Well, besides the obvious, not smoking; making sure our cars are not one of the culprits; not using all those chemical cleaners that are destroying our ozone layer. Many of these manufacturers are now producing products designed to help the environment, if we take a second while doing our weekly shopping we can find these (green) products among the shelves of pollutants! I have photographed some products which if we all start to use, will perhaps keeps keep our air cleaner and our trees bursting with color for our children and grandchildren, and many more generations to follow to enjoy. So as I end this blog I think it only appropriate to leave you with this quote from Kermit the Frog: “It ain’t easy being green”!

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