Friday, December 19, 2008

December Blogger of the Month: SpottedCow

Miss Moo: Our December Blogger

December brings us to the close of the year, and so to finish off 2008, Spotted Cow has been chosen as our Blogger of the Month. So while we are all busy shopping and then come home exhausted with our feet killing us, SpottedCow’s shop is the place to visit. She has assembled some of her homemade natural soaps into great gift baskets; different Christmas scented soaps; a sugar face scrub (Candy Cane for Christmas) for our tired faces; and for our worn out shopping feet, we can be treated to her special assortment of foot care – one that looks especially enticing is her “Rosemary Foot Scrub” set.

Ms. Moo (as she is lovingly referred to among the Blogger’s), lives in Vermont. Among the beautiful mountain ranges, are the many dairy farms which make up Vermont’s main industry. So as a true native of Vermont, living among all those cows, Miss Moo, makes use of all that milk by handcrafting her own purely natural soaps. As you browse through her shop, you really don’t know whether or not to bathe with her products or eat them. And just in time of New Years, Ms. Moo has created “Sparkling Champagne Bubble Bath” (please do not drink it at midnight!).

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