Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged Again!!

From my favorite little Blogging "Witch", I have been passed this blogger's award. Which in turn I must now pass this "Butterly Award" on to 7 of my favorite Etsy bloggers. For those of you who don't know witchy's shop, she makes the most delicious soaps. When I first saw them, I didn't know if I wanted to sit in a bath with one, or eat it, or perhaps both!! Her blog is - where you will find some of her very interesting blogs:
So here goes my dear 7 Blogging friends, 7 little bits of me that will now be blogged around the world:

1. My cellphone ringtone is "Freebird" one of my alltime favorite songs

2. My closest friends come from India, Italy, Iraq, and Phillipines (I do like American's also!)

3. Love Shopping - might as well be broke but loving it!

4. 4'10" size 4 feet (i'm part hobbit) and 36C

5. My kids and I love tatoos - I currently have 5

6. A tattoo on my butt!

7. Love my Etsy friends, as my boy's always say "It's Etsytime!"








Now as you are mumbling under your breath, oh dear God, why did she pick me, because I wanted to share the little butterfly award, and get to know that little extra something about each of you. Oh, and don't forget to add the little blogging butterfly award to your blog, and mention mine blog in yours.
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