Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carnival - The Christmas Flower

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Narcissus Flower (Paper Whites)

When I saw the topics for our current Carnival blog, which gave us 2 choices to write about, winter flowers or brownies, I admit this was a tough choice. Since I have a craving for both; no, I do not eat the flower’s, but I do make the best homemade brownies. Which I will have to write about next, but for now my choice will be to write about the "Winter Flower".
To me it just doesn’t seem like Christmas until my Narcissus’ bulbs (also known as Paper Whites), have bloomed. I really don’t know how my love of this flower came to be, but for as long as I can remember I have been enamored with the flower referred to as the “December Flower.” Since it takes about 4 weeks for the bulbs to bloom, I usually start growing them around mid-November, assuring that they will be in bloom for Christmas. It is not exactly easy to plant bulbs in a house or should I basically say my apartment. I use a few wine glasses (the hock size works best), and fill them with small garden rocks, and then rest a bulb on top of each one, then add just enough water to touch the bottom of each bulb. Next comes the waiting part.
The flowers’ start to rear their little heads, sprouting through the top of the bulb in about a week. Somehow, call it divine intervention if you wish, but it always happens that my Narcissus’ flowers are completely bloomed for Christmas. The pure white beauty of the cluster of petals brings the most fragrant smell which fills my living room for the Christmas season.
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