Monday, October 6, 2008

October Blogger of the Month:Baby Friendly Beads

Before I start my entry on our lucky "Blogger of the Month", as a new person to the Etsy Blogger's Group, this is a great way for me, and I am sure others, to learn about shops we might otherwise have overlooked.
Our monthly "Blogger" Jen, is not only a mother, but she has found time not only to open one shop here on Etsy, but two! Jen's first shop, "Baby Friendly Beads", is not only adorable, but great in concept. I am sure many of you remember the day's of formula stains on our shoulders, and mostly broken chains, that our little darlings would hang onto while feeding. Well Jen has solved that problem, she has created the most innovative baby product I have seen. Baby bracelets, which are so very colorful, which would attract the attention of any little one; and, necklace's which will withstand the pulling and handling of any little baby while feeding at her mother's breast, or drinking from his/her bottle. I love Jen's comment on her designs, "handmade with a mother's love". What could be better than that for little ones so precious. I choose two items which really stood out to me to showcase from the shop of "Baby Friendly Beads."

Jen's second shop, "Mama's Magic Studio", has the most adorable and whimsical earrings. Any knitter, or crocheter, would absolutely love to wear while whiling away the hours knitting little sweaters and caps for the "breast feeding babys'". These earrings really caught my eye.

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