Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogger of the Month: Sykin

Sykin’s Twilight

As a Twilight fan, and having just seen the 3rd movie of this series, Eclipse, I thoroughly enjoyed Sykin’s shop:, as everything in her shop is related to the Twilight series, including a card with the Twilight Eclipse symbol (above).

In between designing her Twilight jewelry, Sykin is a working mother with two small children, Kyler and Emma. Sykin soon hopes to start designing clothes and other handcrafted sewing items to add to her shop.

As I browsed through her shop, I choose these few items which are a part of her Twilight theme. For those of you who know the series, you can then just envision Bella wearing this unique bracelet of topaz with black beads and a crystal heart, probably given to her by her vampire boyfriend, Edward; as she in turn places this long silver necklace with topaz beads of the color of the eyes of the Vampire, around Edwards’s neck as a sign of her longing to be one of them.

Although conflicted between her love of a Vampire and Jacob, a Native American boy who can shape-shift into a werewolf who is always there to protect her, Bella will probably carry this key ring with a skull and red heart which Jacob gives her for protection. Skyin’s card with the werewolf howling with the full moon, would be the perfect symbolism for his tribe.

While Bella’s feelings are confused between these two rivals, her worst enemy to fear is Victoria, the leader of the young Vampires. Her fiery presence would be enhanced by these Vampire blood red hoop earrings.

Sykin will also take personal requests for her jewelry, or graphic and web designs. You can view some of her past work of custom items, such as her Bella bracelets with matching earrings, along with some other very interesting items.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Carnival Blog: My Summer Designs

Blog Carnival submission form - etsybloggers

For our newest Carnival Blog, I choose this topic: It's Summer time! Tell us about your upcoming or current Summer inspired designs!

Well, as usual, Summer comes and goes so fast that as far as crafting goes, it is almost time to start thinking of the Fall. Although I had so many ideas of which I was going to create something, even so far as buying all the beads (for my jewelry); or yarn (for my knitting/crochet) shop. But as usual “time waits for no one”.

So with all these glorious Summer ideas in my head, and taking a vacation to visit my cousins in Chicago in which I made the children (3 of them) quilts – I did manage to make a few new additions to each shop.

From my shop – my newest additions are this adorable little summer dress I call “Good Day Sunshine”; I also added two sets of little Maryjanes with matching headbands: one in plum with violet insoles, and the other in Ivory with rose insoles.

When my fingers are numb from all that crocheting, I take a break and create something for my jewelry shop: – One is a 17” necklace of Swarovski Pearls and Swarovski Peridot Crystals; since Peridot is the birthstone of August, I also made a pair of Lt Peridot and Peridot Swarovski Crystal earrings; from my glorious garden I choose this red rose made of polymer clay with Sterling heart links, surrounded by Siam Swarovski Crystals, and finally last week I finished these Clear Crystal Swarovski Teardrop earrings.

With one month left of summer, I still have a few pieces to finish and add to both shops. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed my summer showcase!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Too cute for Words!!! My Grandson, Zachary and his cousin, Nathaniel
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