Sunday, May 9, 2010

Carnival Blog: Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends reading this blog! This year will be exceptionally special because not only am I am Mother, but this year I became a Grandmother also. Which also means that my daughter, Kelly, will be spending her first Mother’s day with little Zachary, who arrived on October 2. So today my sons and I will be going to her house, and her husband, Danny, will be cooking dinner for the Mom and Grandma! (yes, my sons get to eat also).

Every Mother’s Day I can’t help thinking back on some of the more classic mornings that greeted me – sometimes even at 5am! So I thought I would share a few of these memories with all of you – and I am sure, you all have similar stories to tell. I think the one I tell people the most about is when my son Ryan(who always just thinks a little differently than the rest of us), wakes me up about 6am with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. Since he might have been just about 10, I knew he didn’t have enough money to buy these; and where could he get these so very early in the morning also. For those of you who know Ryan, you will understand this completely. At about 5am he went up and down the Avenue where we live. This is a very small town with all apartments just a walk from the town, some of which have the most beautiful gardens in front. I guess by now you are putting 2&2 together; yes, he stopped at each building and picked flowers all along the way. I had tulips of every color, daffodils, and lilacs in this beautiful bouquet which he gave me that Mother’s Day! Then there are the many breakfasts I woke up to on many Mother’s Days. I will take a few excerpts of each. As I am sure you have all experienced, those moments lying in bed pretending to be asleep, as you listen to pans being dropped, footsteps running back and forth, kitchen closets opening and closing, only to be awoken with the beautiful sound of “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!” They would prepare a tray of everything you can imagine; a very large bowl of cereal filled to the brim with an ounce of milk in it, oatmeal made with cold water (if that is possible); 4 slices of blackened toast (they must have been thinking Cajun cooking) with tons of butter and almost a jar of jelly on top of that. Have you ever had day old cold coffee, hopefully you won’t have to experience it either - they didn’t know coffee was supposed to be hot! And then they would sit there with the biggest smiles on their little faces, so pleased with themselves, as they would sit on my bed watching me enjoy this big, scrumptious breakfast. But the saving grace was always the cards they would hand make either in school or at home (all of which I still have) – remember those little framed handprints with the poem? and of course, always the little cards with the drawings of the whole family. These are little memories that we still talk about each year on Mother’s Day, and a memory that a Mother can never forget. I hope my daughter, and somehow I know she will, experience the same joys and memories as each year little Zachary grows more independent, and decides to start helping in the kitchen.

You may be asking yourselves what ever became of those colossal breakfasts that 10 people couldn’t eat. Did I really eat them, well that will always be my secret of how those meals would magically disappear :)
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