Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Carnival Blog: The Life of a Scorpio

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If any of you were a “Flower Child” of the 60’s, you will remember that our whole life revolved around our Astrological Sign. Our anthem was “Aquarius” from Hair (which I saw at least 6 times)! For my 16th birthday I received Linda Goodman’s “Astrological Signs”; I don’t know how we could have existed without reading every page of that book. Starting with our own Sign, then of course who we were or were not compatible with, our colors, personalities, friendships were all based on what we learned from reading this book. Your first question on meeting someone new was “What is your sign”? as if that quickly gained knowledge gave us true insight into that person’s whole psyche!
Born Nov 16th, I am a true Scorpio! We are known to be quite mysterious, never revealing the truth person that lays beneath the surface. We are deeply passionate and emotional not only in relationships, but in everthing we believe in; and we expect the same from our friend. If you are not sincere with your feelings, don't even try to get close to a Scorpio woman. With deep penetrating eyes we can see through almost anyone we meet. Our passionate and deep stare will continue as we are talking to anyone we meet. This is something I have always tended to do without even realizing it to be a true Scorpio trait. When speaking to anyone, I tend to stare directly into their eyes, as if I am reading their minds right down to their soul. Many people I know can attest to what they refer to “as that look”! One may think I am not even listening to them, but I am absorbing every word and meaning behind what they may be saying. We are also deeply sensitive, while putting up that mysterious front, within we are truly emotional and affected by almost every encounter in our lives. The many tears I have shared with many is one trait, I wish I could control, but then it wouldn’t be me or my personality.
A Scorpio’s color is deep red or maroon, which I guess comes from our intense, mysterious and passionate side, which as you have guessed by now is also one of my favorite colors. Once a person gains our confidence and trust, they will have a friend for life. While reading my horoscope a few years ago, in fact on the day of my birthday, I cam across this horoscope, which I cut out and have had it on my refrigerator every since – which makes it something I read everyday”
“It takes a special kind of courage to return one of your unflinching stares, and you know it! Should you encounter someone who can actually do that, better get that person’s number or email address. They are your perfect match.”

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