Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Merry Christmas - Zachary Dec 2010

I love this photo - it reminds me of one of my Grandmother's little brother which would have been taken in 1910!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

October Blogger of the Month: SplendidLittleStars

When I think of Margaret’s shop, Splendid Little Stars:, the first words that always come to mind are simply adorable!  Behind all her adorable “little star” creations is a very talented seamstress, artist, and jewelry designer.

Margaret’s shop is filled with the cutest hand painted toddler and children’s outfits, such as little dresses, onsies, hats, and snowmen socks.  A talent which she has perfected over the past 20 years.  Having grown up in the late 60’s, I am especially partial to all her tie-dyed children’s clothing as well.  Don’t see something you like – all you have to do is ask as she welcomes custom orders.  As Margaret says. “customer satisfaction is of primo importance to me”.  If you would like to learn about this talented artist’s art of hand painting and tie-dying techniques, I suggest you check out her blog, which is quite interesting!

If you think Margaret is just busy painting and tie-dying – think again!  She also has another shop on Etsy:, which consists of some beautiful pieces of jewelry, which she has personally created and designed.  Her interest in jewelry designing started before her clothing business, where she, along with other artisans sold many different handmade items.

To Margaret, the best part of the business was not just selling her merchandise, but her experience with her most treasured customers.  I think Margaret brings a lot of these feelings with her as one of our “treasured” Etsy Blogger’s.

One special idea of Margaret’s is her offer to gift wrap your purchase, and enclose a note on one of her own handmade cards, and send it directly to the person whom you may wish to receive your purchase.

Come visit her at her blog!

If you wish to find out what makes the creator of “Splendid Little Stars” tick, read her “honestly” blog!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: My new cousins!

Zachary with his new cousins:  Maya (5); Travis (12); Leo (7)
My niece Tara's children

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blogger of the Month: Sykin

Sykin’s Twilight

As a Twilight fan, and having just seen the 3rd movie of this series, Eclipse, I thoroughly enjoyed Sykin’s shop:, as everything in her shop is related to the Twilight series, including a card with the Twilight Eclipse symbol (above).

In between designing her Twilight jewelry, Sykin is a working mother with two small children, Kyler and Emma. Sykin soon hopes to start designing clothes and other handcrafted sewing items to add to her shop.

As I browsed through her shop, I choose these few items which are a part of her Twilight theme. For those of you who know the series, you can then just envision Bella wearing this unique bracelet of topaz with black beads and a crystal heart, probably given to her by her vampire boyfriend, Edward; as she in turn places this long silver necklace with topaz beads of the color of the eyes of the Vampire, around Edwards’s neck as a sign of her longing to be one of them.

Although conflicted between her love of a Vampire and Jacob, a Native American boy who can shape-shift into a werewolf who is always there to protect her, Bella will probably carry this key ring with a skull and red heart which Jacob gives her for protection. Skyin’s card with the werewolf howling with the full moon, would be the perfect symbolism for his tribe.

While Bella’s feelings are confused between these two rivals, her worst enemy to fear is Victoria, the leader of the young Vampires. Her fiery presence would be enhanced by these Vampire blood red hoop earrings.

Sykin will also take personal requests for her jewelry, or graphic and web designs. You can view some of her past work of custom items, such as her Bella bracelets with matching earrings, along with some other very interesting items.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Carnival Blog: My Summer Designs

Blog Carnival submission form - etsybloggers

For our newest Carnival Blog, I choose this topic: It's Summer time! Tell us about your upcoming or current Summer inspired designs!

Well, as usual, Summer comes and goes so fast that as far as crafting goes, it is almost time to start thinking of the Fall. Although I had so many ideas of which I was going to create something, even so far as buying all the beads (for my jewelry); or yarn (for my knitting/crochet) shop. But as usual “time waits for no one”.

So with all these glorious Summer ideas in my head, and taking a vacation to visit my cousins in Chicago in which I made the children (3 of them) quilts – I did manage to make a few new additions to each shop.

From my shop – my newest additions are this adorable little summer dress I call “Good Day Sunshine”; I also added two sets of little Maryjanes with matching headbands: one in plum with violet insoles, and the other in Ivory with rose insoles.

When my fingers are numb from all that crocheting, I take a break and create something for my jewelry shop: – One is a 17” necklace of Swarovski Pearls and Swarovski Peridot Crystals; since Peridot is the birthstone of August, I also made a pair of Lt Peridot and Peridot Swarovski Crystal earrings; from my glorious garden I choose this red rose made of polymer clay with Sterling heart links, surrounded by Siam Swarovski Crystals, and finally last week I finished these Clear Crystal Swarovski Teardrop earrings.

With one month left of summer, I still have a few pieces to finish and add to both shops. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed my summer showcase!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Too cute for Words!!! My Grandson, Zachary and his cousin, Nathaniel
hats by:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogger of the Month: BeadedTail

I can definitely say that one of my favorite blogs here on Etsy is BeadTail’s: We are continually treated to the many adventures of Sharla’s pets, her dog, Sadie, and two cats, Angel and Isabella. One day you can take a walk with Sadie, or just lounge around with Angel and Isabella. Their adventures always bring a smile.

I could go on about Sharla’s blogs, but I am here to help honor BeadTail as our Blogger of the Month. While viewing Sharla’s shop,, we are once again reminded of her love of animals. Her one of a kind jewelry consists of adorable cat earrings; Rottweiler earrings (perfect gift that for friend who owns a Rottweiler dog!); beaded and fabric collars (made by her mom); cat beads, butterfly earrings just to name a few. One of my favorites is her beautiful “cat’s eye” beaded bracelets which she features in her shop also. Can’t decide what to choose for that animal lover in your life? how about one of her $15 - $20 Gift Certificates, Sharla also offers.

What is even more special than Sharla’s animal jewelry, and her delightful blogs; is her true love of animals, not just hers, but her dedication to help make us aware of all the abandoned animals that live in shelters waiting to be adopted. A portion of the sales from her shop are contributed by Sharla to the many animal organizations she supports; namely, the ASPCA, Humane Society for the US, Dogs for the Deaf – just to name a few. When you visit her shop, take a moment to read her profile where she lists the numerous organizations she supports through her many sales.

In the words of Sharla, “We're making tails wag one bead at a time!”

Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogger of the Month: Handmade By Sandi

Our Blogger this month is Sandi, whose shop:, is mainly filled with her crocheted items, such as hats for both women and men and children; coffee holders; wash cloths; and crocheted chokers. According to Sandi, her love of crocheting was something she learned from her mother many years ago. As you continue to browse through her shop you will some other surprises as well, such as handpainted tote bags, earrings (love her Margaritaville earrings!), oven mitts and aprons.

Sandi comes from Suffolk, Virginia, and has been on Etsy for just a little over a year. A breast cancer survivor, Sandi began to crochet little hats and skull caps to “keep her head warm”, a result of her chemo treatments. Wanting to do something special for others who are suffering from the effects of cancer, once she finished her treatments, Sandi began to crochet hats for other cancer patients. As she says, “What a wonderful feeling to give back for all the help she received!” Besides crocheting, Sandi also loves to sew and her love of different types of earring are also evident in her shop.

Sandi also has a second shop:, also known as “Sandi’s Stash Shop”. Here you will find an array of various fabrics. As one who also sews, I know what it is like to buy extra yards of fabric and then don’t use it. Sandi is making use of her extra fabric by selling it through her stash shop. She also has some blank T-shirts, which you can design yourself.

Happy Birthday Sandi!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Carnival Blog: Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends reading this blog! This year will be exceptionally special because not only am I am Mother, but this year I became a Grandmother also. Which also means that my daughter, Kelly, will be spending her first Mother’s day with little Zachary, who arrived on October 2. So today my sons and I will be going to her house, and her husband, Danny, will be cooking dinner for the Mom and Grandma! (yes, my sons get to eat also).

Every Mother’s Day I can’t help thinking back on some of the more classic mornings that greeted me – sometimes even at 5am! So I thought I would share a few of these memories with all of you – and I am sure, you all have similar stories to tell. I think the one I tell people the most about is when my son Ryan(who always just thinks a little differently than the rest of us), wakes me up about 6am with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. Since he might have been just about 10, I knew he didn’t have enough money to buy these; and where could he get these so very early in the morning also. For those of you who know Ryan, you will understand this completely. At about 5am he went up and down the Avenue where we live. This is a very small town with all apartments just a walk from the town, some of which have the most beautiful gardens in front. I guess by now you are putting 2&2 together; yes, he stopped at each building and picked flowers all along the way. I had tulips of every color, daffodils, and lilacs in this beautiful bouquet which he gave me that Mother’s Day! Then there are the many breakfasts I woke up to on many Mother’s Days. I will take a few excerpts of each. As I am sure you have all experienced, those moments lying in bed pretending to be asleep, as you listen to pans being dropped, footsteps running back and forth, kitchen closets opening and closing, only to be awoken with the beautiful sound of “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!” They would prepare a tray of everything you can imagine; a very large bowl of cereal filled to the brim with an ounce of milk in it, oatmeal made with cold water (if that is possible); 4 slices of blackened toast (they must have been thinking Cajun cooking) with tons of butter and almost a jar of jelly on top of that. Have you ever had day old cold coffee, hopefully you won’t have to experience it either - they didn’t know coffee was supposed to be hot! And then they would sit there with the biggest smiles on their little faces, so pleased with themselves, as they would sit on my bed watching me enjoy this big, scrumptious breakfast. But the saving grace was always the cards they would hand make either in school or at home (all of which I still have) – remember those little framed handprints with the poem? and of course, always the little cards with the drawings of the whole family. These are little memories that we still talk about each year on Mother’s Day, and a memory that a Mother can never forget. I hope my daughter, and somehow I know she will, experience the same joys and memories as each year little Zachary grows more independent, and decides to start helping in the kitchen.

You may be asking yourselves what ever became of those colossal breakfasts that 10 people couldn’t eat. Did I really eat them, well that will always be my secret of how those meals would magically disappear :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday:Happy Birthday Dexter!!!!

Little Baby Dexter all grown up - looks like he over celebrated his Birthday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Carnival Blog: The Life of a Scorpio

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If any of you were a “Flower Child” of the 60’s, you will remember that our whole life revolved around our Astrological Sign. Our anthem was “Aquarius” from Hair (which I saw at least 6 times)! For my 16th birthday I received Linda Goodman’s “Astrological Signs”; I don’t know how we could have existed without reading every page of that book. Starting with our own Sign, then of course who we were or were not compatible with, our colors, personalities, friendships were all based on what we learned from reading this book. Your first question on meeting someone new was “What is your sign”? as if that quickly gained knowledge gave us true insight into that person’s whole psyche!
Born Nov 16th, I am a true Scorpio! We are known to be quite mysterious, never revealing the truth person that lays beneath the surface. We are deeply passionate and emotional not only in relationships, but in everthing we believe in; and we expect the same from our friend. If you are not sincere with your feelings, don't even try to get close to a Scorpio woman. With deep penetrating eyes we can see through almost anyone we meet. Our passionate and deep stare will continue as we are talking to anyone we meet. This is something I have always tended to do without even realizing it to be a true Scorpio trait. When speaking to anyone, I tend to stare directly into their eyes, as if I am reading their minds right down to their soul. Many people I know can attest to what they refer to “as that look”! One may think I am not even listening to them, but I am absorbing every word and meaning behind what they may be saying. We are also deeply sensitive, while putting up that mysterious front, within we are truly emotional and affected by almost every encounter in our lives. The many tears I have shared with many is one trait, I wish I could control, but then it wouldn’t be me or my personality.
A Scorpio’s color is deep red or maroon, which I guess comes from our intense, mysterious and passionate side, which as you have guessed by now is also one of my favorite colors. Once a person gains our confidence and trust, they will have a friend for life. While reading my horoscope a few years ago, in fact on the day of my birthday, I cam across this horoscope, which I cut out and have had it on my refrigerator every since – which makes it something I read everyday”
“It takes a special kind of courage to return one of your unflinching stares, and you know it! Should you encounter someone who can actually do that, better get that person’s number or email address. They are your perfect match.”

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Blogger of the Month: TiLtCreations

TiLtCreations, http://TiLtCreations,, is a shop of various handbags, clutch purses, and backpacks, and is the creation of Teresa our Blogger of the Month. With her hands full as a stay-at-home mom, with a teenage boy, and a 4 yr old (both of which would fill anyone’s day), she still manages to create her one of a kind bags for her shop, and also takes custom orders. Although drawing and painting are her passion, she has found much creativity using different fabrics to create the beautiful bags in her shop.

I particularly loved this little “wristlet” bag. Perfect for those little things that always get lost in your purse – a cell phone, lipstick, credit card. All perfectly lined, she even took the time to add a little attachment inside the purse for those keys that are always getting lost! Another favorite is this brown and green paisley bag, which has been hand embroidered on the top “ultrasuede” flap of the purse. The inside is fully lined (as are all Teresa’s) purses, and has a matching zippered pouch within also.

Tilttoo,, is Teresa’s “detash” shop. One not to waste anything, Teresa sells not only patterns for everything, but unused fabric from her handbags, backpacks, pouches, etc. from her other shop. As Teresa describes this shop – “a little of this, a little of that…..and a lot of destash”.

When Teresa is not busy watching her boys, are sitting at her sewing machine, she actually has time to write in her blogs –not just one blog, but she actually has four very interesting blogs!
If you hurry up – Teresa is having a BOGO sale (buy one – get one free) in her shop until Feb 28!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: A Day in the Life

Carnival Blog: My Vacation In India

Blog Carnival submission form - etsybloggers

Presentation at St. Mary Magdalene School (me on stage in purple dress)

When I saw our newest topics for our next blog, I thought how easy, I can truly combine both questions into one answer. Of all the places I would have ever want to visit, it would be India; in the past few years I have been lucky enough to visit there twice, each time for a month’s vacation. When my dearest friend, who is from India, moved back about 6 years ago, I thought I would never really ever see him again. When he invited me to visit India, I couldn’t have gotten on the plane fast enough; 26 hours of air flight, but well worth it.

From the second I arrived in Bangalore, India, which is in the southwestern part of India, I was totally in awe and overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of the people. I had no idea my friend Paul had arranged a whole month of traveling and activities, each one a beautiful memory. My first day we left for Goa, which is one the west coast of India, and runs along the Arabian Sea. Dating back to before the 3rd century, Goa, the smallest state in India is rich with history. I visited many ancient Cathedrals, some dating back to the 13th Century; one, The Cathedral of St Francis Xavier, actually has St Francis’ body incased in a glass coffin surrounded by gold. I also made friends with 2 gypsies who lived on the beach.

Goa . Arabian Sea St. Francis Xavier (body in casket)

We next traveled to Tamil Nadu, which is in South India, to meet our friend Albert and his family. From there Albert joined us along our journey, where we met up with 4 more of their friends. I then got a tour of all of South India, with it’s many ancient Hindu temples, one of which is the Temple of the Lord Rama; and Catholic Churches dating back to the early centuries. Although we visited the “fertility gods” there, I luckily didn’t need their help! At another Temple I was blessed by an elephant! Another beautiful spot we visited was the Hogenakktal Falls. People go there to get massaged in their waters, or you can walk along the rocks of the Falls (which we did, and yes, I did slip down a rock). From there we traveled to Mysore, to visit the most beautiful palace, which was built in 1897.

\Temple of Lord Rama Inside Temple

Me being blessed by an elephant!

Hagenakkal Falls Paul & I at Falls

Visiting Mysore Palace

Besides all the sightseeing we did, I was lucky enough to visit a few schools, which Paul’s friends own. In one school, which Paul’s sister owns, they dedicated a special day for my visit with children ages 3-7, dancing all the ceremonial dances in their beautiful costumes. As in each ceremony I attended, they always start with a ceremony of lighting a candle in oil, which is a very powerful symbol in human consciousness and enlightenment. Afterwards, I went to each classroom where the children each sang a special song for me, and I in turn taught the children songs that children in American would sing. Most surprising was when Paul told me I was to be the guest of honor at a special ceremony at Albert’s school, St. Mary Magdalene (name sound familiar?) Again, we started with the candle lighting ceremony. As I sat on the stage, I was again entertained with the many ceremonial dances in their beautiful and colorful costumes. Of course, I was not told until that afternoon that as guest of honor, I would have to give a small speech to all the children and their families who were attending this feast. So as I started to write my small speech, Paul mentioned that I would also be speaking it in their native language, which is Tamil. I did actually managed to get through that, and at the end I was presented with a beautiful gift from the children. One thing that did amaze me the most when meeting all these children was just not their excitement of meeting someone from America, but how well they spoke English and their wanting to learn so much knowledge in everything

Children dancing their custom dances Me visiting the children in each class

Since I was there for a total of 2 months, you can imagine that this is just a small sampling of the many beautiful experiences I had, and the many f friends I made while there. Some of which I chat with almost everyday online. Although we only traveled all along the South of India, there is so much more beauty to behold throughout India which I hope to see one day soon.