Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Blogger of the Month:Donna Pool

This month’s featured Blogger, Donna Pool, is, according to “Etsy Bloggers” one of their very first members. So she rightfully deserves the honor of being featured. Her shop is Although I often chat on the Blogger thread, I really have never seen anything from Donna’s shop, so it was a quite interesting proposition to learn about another one of our teammates.

As Donna’s profile says. “I make stuff. All kinds of stuff, but always something fun”. I definitely found this true as I browsed through her shop. There is a little something nostalgic for everyone as you step back in time. What first caught my eye was the vintage Argus Camera, who of us growing up didn’t own one of these.

I also enjoyed her vintage buttons, which according to Donna, were taken from her parents and grandparents collection of old Life and Look magazines. As she says:.”I make my vintage buttons out of recycled images from those because they're like preserving tiny bits of history...a fascinating little peek into the past.”

Donna’s shop also has some soft toys for children which she hand sews; along with some adorable photos of her cats, Sebastian and Snowflake. As always, one likes the save the best for last! This picture is my absolute favorite:

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