Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnival: Etsy and Me

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A year and a half ago if someone asked me about Etsy – my response would be – “what the heck is Etsy”? Well I have learned a lot during that short time. One of my closest friend, Marion,, had started selling on Etsy and suggested that I look into it for my jewelry. Up until that point, although I had been doing various crafts for years, embroidery, quilting, crocheting, knitting, I had only just started designing jewelry – all of which I would make and give away. Even after checking out about Etsy, I really couldn’t imagine myself opening a shop and actually selling my work; but there I was signing away. Then they asked the ultimate question: What is the name of your shop? Something I hadn’t given much thought to. As you all know by now, I chose "MagdaleneJewels" – very befitting since I have always thought of Mary Magdalene as one of the strongest woman since the beginning of Christianity.
Totally uncertain of what to expect once my shop was opened, something I hadn't thought about, now I had to actually describe each piece of jewelry. I found this the most difficult because when I design a piece of my jewelry it is something that comes from within, a feeling, an idea in my head, and a little piece of me. Coincidentally, I have been working on a project with a few other Etsians with Marion Barnett,, who is doing research for a book she is writing. Marion took the time to look at my shop, making a few suggestions and comments; but what surprised me most was how she viewed my pieces as being very Romantic and Feminine, which completely describes me. So in that respect, I guess I have been successful in bringing forth myself in my work. My biggest success I think was doing a video showcasing the pieces in my shop – from that I have continued to get quite a lot of custom orders.
I can truly say what I enjoy most about Etsy is the friends I have made through the different teams I have joined; Bbest, Etsy Bloggers, and Plugger’s United. Although our crafts range in so many different directions, we have closeness, almost like a second family.
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