Friday, January 9, 2009

Carnival Blog: My Goals for 2009

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I am definitely not one for making New Year’s Resolutions, nor is setting goals for myself a priority. Oh don’t think I don’t try; or haven’t thought about it each year, but they are always just ideas which float within my head – never to surface. So as I think about this week’s Carnival topic, my idea and goals will have to come from within as I reveal my most inner thoughts. What comes to mind as I think about what I am going to write is the song by the Beatles: “Within you or Without you".

"Try to realize it’s all within your self, no one else can make you change”

For those who of you who read my Blogs and know me well, I have to say that I am always one who just can’t sit back and be quiet when I find things are just not right. So you will continue to see me writing about the many causes and injustices which have affected many of us this past year. Not just on the outside world, but within. Within, I refer to all of us here at Etsy. Last year we were met with the Government’s decision to attempt to pass the “Orphan Act”. For all of those artists whose work is listed on the Internet; writers, photographers, artists, designers, to name a few, whose work would become the public domain of anyone searching the Internet, unless we bought the copyrights to our own work. And yes, the money goes right into the pockets of those running the Government to cover their erroneous deficits caused by greed alone. Unfortunately, with all our petitions, the “Orphan Act” was signed into Legislation as a law in September 27, 2008. Now, comes 2009, and again, we, the many artists and small business are being “raped” by the attempt to pass another law CPSIA, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Product Safety Act”. This law will take effect on February 12, 2009.
Once again, we are met with the many restrictions the Government is placing on all articles, such as toys, clothing, pacifiers, jewelry, etc., which would be sold to children under the age of 12.
So as the Government once again attempts to take possession of our lives, work, craft, and art, I will continue to write articles on my Blog, which will bring these atrocities to all of your attention.
Yes, we can all sit back and say how horrible for those small businesses that will probably have to close, but as for me, I will look within myself, and examine my conscience as to what is right and wrong. As the song says “no one else can make you change”, well, they are right no one can make us change except ourselves. So as I begin 2009, my blog will once again reflect my ideals of what is “within my self” and help “to make a change”.

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