Monday, October 20, 2008

Carnival - Ms. Mina Awaits Dracula

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My previous Halloween story was of a treasured-time past. Now we shall proceed to the Halloween present.
If you listen carefully, you will hear the fluttering of the bats within the cave. The sky is aglow with the full moon against the darkness of the sky. A night which can only awaken the Count Dracula. The coffin slowly opens, the bats quickly fly out, and very slowly a shadow begins to arise. Yes, it is one of the Count’s many conquests, Ms. Mina. As she arises from her deep sleep, Ms. Mina begins to arise from her coffin. She softly steps down from the pedestal which holds her resting place. In her slumber of death, Ms. Mina descends and follows the beams of the moon to join her master, Count Dracula.
Awaken, it is only a play presented by “The Studio” players, in Upper Montclair, NJ. Ms. Mina is serenely played by my daughter, Kelly Baker-Wolfe. She is also the Asst. Stage Manager of this presentation of Dracula. Kelly is not only a member of this theatre group in NJ, but also, acts, directs and has been stage manager in quite a few of the plays presented by the same theatre group in which I belong, “The FortHill Player’s” in NY.
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